Take your Life Science projects to the next level from anywhere

Take your Life Science projects to the next level - from anywhere

Create requests, find qualified company partners and advance projects – on the go. Pharmatching is also available as an app for iOS and Android. Smart collaboration in your pocket!

Experience Pharmatching in 3 Steps
Place a request
easy and efficient Specialized keywords help you to attract the right partners.
Check company applications
Choose from qualified applicants and find your suitable service provider.
Match made
Found the right partner fast, made your work efficient and laid the foundation for success. Congrats!

The only Life Science Project Manager you need

We know that Pharma and Life Science projects can be complex and difficult. The Pharma Wizard is a collection of project setups, created from world-leading experts. By selecting a Key Service and scope the Pharma Wizard will identify the exact steps required to make your project successful.

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Key Services
Match Made

Centralized Supplier Qualification

Why paying and performing extensive supplier qualification activities, if you can simply use fully GMP compliant qualification reports on Pharmatching, created by certified companies? Ready to sign and use documents will be provided on Pharmatching

Matchmaking Promotions

In order to enable a new level of smart collaboration, companies will be matched based on their core competencies and an AI and Machine Learning driven prediction of required service support. We tell you what you need and provide a solution before a gap develops

Pharmacovigilance Reports

Pharmatching will provide you compliant pharmacovigilance reports for your products, by constantly collecting relevant data of potential adverse event reporting from patients through all different social media platforms and other relevant sources. Detailed reports will be accesable through few clicks.

Mobile Management

Pharmatching will provide you a new level of smart collaboration for the Life Science industry, fully accesable and managable by your smartphone or tablet. Complicated projects can be planned an initialized through our Project Wizard, suppliers qualified with available reports and contracts closed with few clicks.

API Marketplace

We will create a pharamceutical API marketplace that uses the entire platform infrastructure of Pharmatching to provide companies full compliance for the entire supply chain and creates measurable financial and insustrail advantages for all ist users.

If you want to take an early role in actively adopting any of these functions, please let us know.
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